mpletion, Well Stimulation Cementing Additives serta Production Treating & Refinery Chemicals. Tesso established since July 6, 1999 that has more than 20 customers and agents have more than four countries in the world. With the support of people who are experts in the field of specialty chemicals oil and gas and geothermal as well as professionals skilled in their field and are supported by laboratory equipment is modern, Tesso remain optimistic that we can create products that are reliable in Water Base Fluids, Oil Base / invert Emulsion Fluids, Gheothermal, Completion, Well Stimulation Cementing Additives and Production Treating & Refinery Chemicals.


JL. Industri Selatan 2,Blok JJ Kav.. 4, Cikarang Industrial estate - Jababeka Bekasi, Jawa Barat Indonesia

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